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Everyone knows, at Theraleaf, our quality and prices speak for themselves, but with Membership access, you’ll enjoy even greater discounts on products you love. With the cash you’ll save, becoming a member is a no brainer!

Step 1. Submit Medical Card

Bring a copy of your medical marijuana card

Step 2. Pay Membership Fee

Annual membership fees are $420. $100 for a limited time.

Step 3. Shop and Save More

Immediate access is granted for members only pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership entitles you to additional discounts on already unbeatable prices.

Gain exclusive access to deals, bulk order discounts, and special events.

Yes, a medical card is required for membership.
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The price of membership is $420 and is good for 1 year. 

Membership is exclusive to a single member for all purchases. 

* Exceptions include:
Events where multiple entries are available.

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